How to Maintain Sheepskin Rugs

Sheepskin rugs are a popular and timeless home decor item that can add warmth and texture to any room. However, owning a sheepskin rug requires maintenance to keep it looking and feeling its best. Many factors can damage a sheepskin rug over time, from dirt and dust to spills and stains. In this blog post, we’ll share some essential tips on maintaining your sheepskin rug and protecting it from everyday wear and tear. Whether you’re a seasoned sheepskin owner or a first-time buyer, these tips will help you keep your rug in excellent condition for years.

1.  Brush and Vacuum Regularly

Regular care and maintenance are the keys to keeping your sheepskin rug looking beautiful. Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to gently remove dirt, dust, pet dander, and other debris from the rug’s surface. A handheld or upright vacuum will both do the trick. You should also use a lint roller for more stubborn pieces of dirt or hair.

However, avoid using the suction setting when vacuuming your sheepskin rug, as this can cause permanent damage. You should also not use a steam cleaner on sheepskin, as this may cause the wool to shrink.

2.  Spot Clean Spills Immediately

No matter how careful you are, spills happen! If a spill does occur on your sheepskin rug, it’s essential to act fast and spot-clean the area as soon as possible. Start by soaking up as much liquid as possible with a paper towel or clean cloth. You can then use cold water and mild detergent to spot-clean the area.

Use a soft brush to work the solution into the fibers and blot it with a dry cloth. Be sure to avoid rubbing the area, as this can cause damage. Repeat this process until the stain is gone, and then allow the rug to air dry completely. Hiderugs has some of the best sheepskin rugs available, so look at their website for further information.

3.  Refresh Your Sheepskin Rug

If your rug looks flat or dull, it may be time to refresh! A quick washing can help restore its softness and fluffiness. Start by spot-cleaning the rug according to the steps above, then submerge it in a large container or bathtub filled with cold water and mild detergent. Gently massage the rug and then rinse it thoroughly.

To give your sheepskin rug extra fluffiness, put it in the dryer on low heat with a few tennis balls (make sure to place them in an old pillowcase first). This will help restore the rug’s natural shape.

4.  Store Sheepskin Rugs Properly

Store the rug in a cool and dry area when it is not in use. Avoid storing it in plastic bags or boxes, leading to mold and mildew. Instead, hang your sheepskin rug on a hanger or lay it flat in direct sunlight to keep it looking its best.

You can also invest in a sheepskin rug cover to protect your investment from dust, dirt, and everyday wear and tear. The cover will also help keep your rug looking its best for years.

5.  Invest in Quality Products

The quality of your sheepskin rug can influence how often it needs to be cleaned and maintained. Investing in a high-quality rug will ensure that it can withstand regular use over time and maintain its luxurious look and feel. The team at Hiderugs has a range of sheepskin rugs in various sizes and styles. From Icelandic sheepskins to Australian Merino wool, there’s something for everyone.

Sheepskin rugs can be a great addition to any home, but it’s crucial to maintain them properly to keep them looking beautiful for years to come. With these easy tips, you can ensure your sheepskin rug stays clean, soft, and luxurious. Now all that’s left is to enjoy the comfort and beauty of your new rug!