What is a Frigoscandia spiral freezer?

Since joining the JBT family in 1996, Frigoscandia has developed a number of ground-breaking products that have helped to establish the frozen food sector as we know it today.

In contrast to tunnel freezers, which use a long, linear wire-mesh belt to move items through a sub-zero blast-freezing chamber, spiral freezers use self-stacking, multi-tiered belts to keep product quality while reducing the amount of refrigerated space needed in the plant.

For the freezing, chilling, and proofing of dairy, grain-based, and protein goods that are packed and IQF, Frigoscandia spiral freezers are the ideal solution. Reliability and safety have been tried and tested over countless hours of operation all around the world.

Get Our Frigoscandia Series freezing system

Our Frigoscandia Series freezing system is the most recent installment in a long series of productive self-stacking belt spiral freezers, chillers, and proofers from Frigoscandia. It has a full set of features, is flexible and modular, and uses the new belt and vertical airflow to give unmatched performance and clean product zones.

Our best freezer just keeps getting better: from our sales and development teams to our 24/7 global support organization, we are dedicated to providing the lowest cost of ownership and to ongoing continuous product improvement. This commitment extends to every aspect of our company.

Top features of Our Frigoscandia Series freezing system

For flexible design, the belt can move either clockwise (CR) or counterclockwise (CCR). This gives the cleanest product possible. It has a stainless steel sloping floor and a modular belt drive. The caulking enclosure panels make installation easier while heat transmission and countercurrent airflow take place in the vertical plane.

The freezer is designed to chill, proof, and freeze dairy, grain-based, and protein goods that are packed and IQF. Over thousands of hours of operation around the world, reliability and safety have been verified and proven.

It is the only self-contained freezing zone for hygiene in the industry. Total cleanability, easy access to all parts of the enclosure, and simple evaporator access make for unbeatable cleanability.

Flexibility—perfectly meet freezing, chilling, or proofing demands with fully configurable enclosures; up to six fan/evaporator blocks; 35 evaporator sizes; six-tiered heights; a variety of numbers of tiers; five mesh options; and cutting-edge touchscreen controls.

Depending on the type and product, the capacity ranges from 4,800 to 15,700 pounds per hour.

We provide new and used Frigoscandia spiral freezers for your company.

Get in touch with us right now if you are interested in purchasing new or used Frigoscandia spiral freezer equipment for your company. Our reconditioned models can’t be told from new ones, and they cost a lot less than new ones.

After reaching an agreement on the purchase price, we will take care of everything else, including the disassembly and removal of your freezer equipment by our certified professionals. We ensure the shipment is secure before unloading it into one of our warehouses. Take a look at some of the projects we’ve completed in the past to get a better understanding of how we work.