What Should You Do If Your Toilet Overflows?

There is a quiet terror in watching the water in your toilet slowly rise and rise without stopping. The overflowing toilet is a simple nightmare for every homeowner because it can happen so easily and can be a gross mess to clean up after. Not to mention, it can be a sign of a more significant issue with your plumbing. When you watch that water rise, you may want to panic, but there are some simple steps you need to take instead. Being proactive is one of the best ways to make sure the job is taken care of quickly, and with minimal cleanup afterward. Here are some steps to dealing with the overflow situation.

Turn Off The Water

Shutting down the water supply is the first thing you should do to limit the overflowing situation. There is usually a shut-off valve located near the base of your toilet, however, you can manually stop the water flow by lifting off the top of the toilet and lifting up the floating ball.

Stop Flushing

The one thing you should not do is continue to flush the toilet repeatedly. This can only end up making the situation worse. Stop spamming the lever and take a step back from the situation and see what is happening.

Clean Up

If the water breached the top of the toilet, make sure it is cleaned up right away. Water left pooling can cause damage to the floor and surrounding areas.

Potential Causes For A Constantly Overflowing Toilet

A toilet that seems to constantly be overflowing could be a sign of some serious issues that need to be addressed. This problem could be caused by clogged pipes, or in the absolute worst-case scenario, a backed-up septic tank.

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